KTMT Consulting

KTMT is also a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI) of
Cyber Security Family Security and Intelligent and Smart Home Security solutions

"Vision - Help the world become knowledgeable, healthy and safe through Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)".   "Danze-a-holla Workshop for Children and Adults".  "@MPVNO, NTOC, JEC and JNS are registered trade marks of KTMT Consulting".


Vision - Help the world become knowledgeable, healthy and safe through Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)

"A private limited company incorporated on 30 Jan 2009 vide corporate identity number U74140DL2009PTC187092 2008-2009 under the Indian Companies Act 1956 ."

Our Goals and Objectives

Multi Play : In brown field areas, the company is poised to launch a B2B2C business and technical model of synergy between telcos as very powerful back bone/edge and...More

Open Access Ecosystem of FTTP : In green field areas, KTMT is ready to launch an open access eco system built around FTTP providing access to telcos, CMSPs, ISPs, DTH...More

Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Consulting : The company has a well established pre-operative, implementation and operations consulting practice to assist telcos, ...More

Efficiencies in Mobile Services : The company has expertise to assist 2G, 3G, 4G and BWA players to optimize the revenue and costs impacts of spectrum, technology,...More

Low Cost Network Infrastructure Deployment and Operations : The company has hands on experience in Managed Capacity (MC), Managed Services (MS) and...More

Telecom Investments : The company has vast experience of assisting global investment firms, PEs, VCs and other financial organizations looking to invest in telecom in India....More

Technology and Regulatory Services : The company regularly contributes through TMT independent and neutral analysis to the Govt policy making bodies like, Planning...More

Mobile VAS Services : KTMT has a strategic marketing alliance with a mobile VAS services company. The mobile VAS services are developed for carriers, enterprises and consumers ...More

Green Telecom Networks and Data Centers : Create innovations and assist in the deployment of the same for energy conservation in fixed, wireless, 2G, GSM, CDMA, 3G,...More

Streamline Telecom Spend : Help companies optimally organize their TMT services including but not limited to requirements and specifications scoping, RFP, short listing of...More

Spectrum Allocation Process : Assist clients in understanding wireless spectrum allocation and allotment procedures, spectrum pricing to arrive at a fair value of $ per Hz and impact...More

Spectrum Utilization Solutions : Enable telcos to optimally utilize wireless spectrum through intelligent solutions for macro, micro, pico, femto cells, IBS and back haul systems by the...More

Network and Tower Operations Center (NTOC)@ : Facilitate telcos, towercos and vendors as MS partners to establish a KTMT Trade Mark Network and Tower Operations...More

Streamlining Transfer Pricing : Help telcos optimize costs, revenue share, spectrum usage charges by streamlining transfer pricing between buyer and seller SBUs, network capacity...More

Due Diligence : The company has well qualified team to undertake due diligence process for evaluation of financial performance, forecasts of future earnings, client/customer base ...More