KTMT Consulting

KTMT is also a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI) of
Cyber Security, Family Security and Intelligent and Smart Home Security solutions

"Vision - Help the world become knowledgeable, healthy and safe through Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)".   "Danze-a-holla Workshop for Children and Adults".  "@MPVNO, NTOC, JEC and JNS are registered trade marks of KTMT Consulting".


Our Goals and Objectives

KTMT is an independent Telecom, Media and Technology consulting company. Its vision is to assist TMT companies in full exploitation of technology, infrastructure and operations by maximization of existing capacity utilization, expansion of new capacity and new coverage and improvement in QoS and QoE. KTMT also assists investment firms in the appraisal of investment proposals in TMT business by focusing on the revenue and costs effects of technology, infrastructure and operations on the profitability of business.

KTMT specializes in innovations for Ultra Low Cost TMT infrastructure built around FTTX giving super speed networks which can allow multi play portfolio of services of voice, High Speed Internet (HSI), TV over IP, data, graphics, images, video and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) over which ride the unlimited GDP growth driving applications like virtual class rooms, tele health care, e-agribusiness, e-governance, e-financial services etc on PC over TV with remote as key board and wireless phone along with a camera.

In the mobile space, KTMT specializes in consulting for Location Based Services (LBS) both on carrier networks and direct to consumer mode. The basic LBS platform, LBS products and a host of revenue generating LBS applications for enterprise and consumer segments already successfully launched in top US, Canada and EU carriers are available for launch in the Indian market. 'Always on location' is a proven application allowing real time search, locate and track a mobile like feature phone, smart phones and connected devices.