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KTMT is also a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI) of
Cyber Security, Family Security and Intelligent and Smart Home Security solutions

"Vision - Help the world become knowledgeable, healthy and safe through Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)".   "Danze-a-holla Workshop for Children and Adults".  "@MPVNO, NTOC, JEC and JNS are registered trade marks of KTMT Consulting".


KTMT has access to multiple world class consulting management platforms

Multi Play : In brown field areas, the company is poised to launch a B2B2C business and technical model of synergy between telcos as very powerful back bone/edge and OSS/BSS/CRM/IN/Real Time Charging/Billing/SDP providers, MPVNOs@ and MSOs/LCOs as HFC/GPON access providers to distribute unlimited band width to homes, SMEs and shops. The result is an Ultra Low Cost (ULC) infrastructure for rapid roll out of multi play of voice, HSI, GDP growth driving applications of virtual class rooms, tele health care, e-agro, e-governance and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) on PC over TV.

Open Access Ecosystem of FTTP : In green field areas, KTMT is ready to launch an open access eco system built around FTTP providing access to telcos, CMSPs, ISPs, DTH operators and other service providers through interconnection for voice, broadband, TV and FMC services. The customers pick and choose the service provider of their choice.

Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Consulting : The company has a well established pre-operative, implementation and operations consulting practice to assist telcos, towercos, telecom vendors, enterprise communications providers, ISPs, data center companies, DTH operators, MSOs/LCOs in their planning, designing, engineering and operations needs.

Efficiencies in Mobile Services : The company has expertise to assist 2G, 3G, 4G and BWA players to optimize the revenue and costs impacts of spectrum, technology, infrastructure and operations resulting in capex and opex savings by efficient organization of operations and performance management.

Low Cost Network Infrastructure Deployment and Operations : The company has hands on experience in Managed Capacity (MC), Managed Services (MS) and Managed Distribution (MD) business models for low cost network build, operate and performance management.

Telecom Investments : The company has vast experience of assisting global investment firms, PEs, VCs and other financial organizations looking to invest in telecom in India. The company has successfully completed 82 projects for 56 clients in the areas of wireless RAN, core, transmission, fixed line access, satellite communications, TV, HFC, xDSL, FTTX, 2G, 3G, 4G, BWA, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, IP TV, smart phones, HSs, M VAS technologies and eco systems.

Technology and Regulatory Services : The company regularly contributes through TMT independent and neutral analysis to the Govt policy making bodies like Planning Commission, TRAI, DoT, DIT, NMCC and other departments assisting in the national strategic planning and regulatory initiatives like National Broadband Agency (NBA), Right Of Way (ROW), Private Right Of Way (PROW), Right To Broadband (RTB), open access, ultra low cost multi play infrastructure etc.

Mobile VAS Services : KTMT has a strategic marketing alliance with a mobile VAS services company. The mobile VAS services are developed for carriers, enterprises and consumers and hosted in data centers even on subscription based service model.

Green Telecom Networks and Data Centers : Create innovations and assist in the deployment of the same for energy conservation in fixed, wireless, 2G, GSM, CDMA, 3G, BWA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE, back haul and transmission networks, earth stations, satellite communications, HFC, CATV, IP TV, FTTX and DTH platforms. Company has filed for Trade Marks (TMs) in energy efficient operations of Just Enough Capacity (JEC)@ telecom networks and Just Needed Servers (JNS)@ data centers.

Streamline Telecom Spend : Help companies optimally organize their TMT services including but not limited to requirements and specifications, scoping, RFP, short listing of service providers, contracting, program management in execution, expansion of capacity, scaling up of operations, addition of new products or services etc.

Spectrum Allocation Process : Assist clients in understanding wireless spectrum allocation and allotment procedures, spectrum pricing to arrive at a fair value of $ per Hz and impact of spectrum costs and usage charges on business.

Spectrum Utilization Solutions : Enable telcos to optimally utilize wireless spectrum through intelligent solutions for macro, micro, pico, femto cells, IBS and back haul systems by the adoption of low cost operating models for managed capacity, managed services, managed distribution and outsourcing any part of the network or business operations.

Network and Tower Operations Center (NTOC)@ : Facilitate telcos, towercos and vendors as MS partners to establish a KTMT Trade Mark Network and Tower Operations Center (NTOC) as capex/opex optimizer by eliminating redundancies and achieving efficiencies in technical operations.

Streamlining Transfer Pricing : Help telcos optimize costs, revenue share,and spectrum usage charges by streamlining transfer pricing between buyer and seller SBUs, network capacity utilization, cost of carrying a bit to offer competitive pricing to customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Due Diligence: The company has well qualified team to undertake due diligence process for evaluation of financial performance, forecasts of future earnings, client/customer base projections, new product initiatives, competitive scenario, assets, manpower, competence and brand recognition in TMT companies M&As and hiving off business into separate company.