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Munish Kumar Singh, Senior Consultant Broadcast and Cable Technologies


Cable Operator:

A highly experienced and seasoned cable operator appearing at a stage since 1986 when single channel system was there and no terrestrial transmission was available at Satna and Singrauli, Sidhi. Runs the Voice and Vision Club (VVC) network with top quality.

M S O:

Have transferred all channels and pay channels decoders of VVC Satna to Super Channel and from 2001-2007 have successfully handled it as MSO with responsibility of planning, development and technical management. Currently owning as MSO and Cable operator BCN Alliance VVC operating in Satna with 80 Channels since 2007.

Digital Photography, Video, Audio System and Studio Management:

Have started Digital Audio, Video and photography as proprietor of Studio Digital World Nigahi Sidhi (M.P.) when it was newly introduced in 2002.

Broadband Management and Wireless Network Management:

Have started this work from last one year as MD of Super Choice Net (P) Ltd. Have been providing Internet, IPTV and Intranet surveillance services which are successfully running within the reach of 40 km around Satna providing WiFi and PTMP wireless access.

R & D:

Have accumulated intense knowledge about the basic fundamentals of electrical and electronics through self experience and practical experiments. Since 2006, have been in research on broadband management, network management, computer hardware and software management and CATV network management in order to understand and launch services to address the market demand.

Advertising Services:

Holding a well versed hand in the area of advertising services all the endeavours undertaken advertising related services have been successfully accomplished.

Technical skills:

Cable TV Network and Management System.
Experience of IPTV (Hardware and Software)
Broadband, Internet and Intranet System.
Computer Hardware and Software.
Digital Photography, Video and Multimedia System.


Willingness to learn and explore new thinks.
Hard working and devoted.
Knowledge and experience of Cable TV Network and Computer Network system.
Ability to establish new venture.
Ability to build good working relationships.
Never hesitant to except challenges

Cable Operator 1986-2009
M S O 2001-2009
Digital Photography 2003-2008
Video and Audio System 2003-2008
Studio Management 2003-2008
Broadband Management 2007-2008
Wireless Network Management 2007-2009
R & D of above 2007-2009
Advertising Management 2003-2009