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Arvind Kansal - Advisor Convergence, Principal Consultant

Summary of Experience in Corporate

(Jul. 2009 – till now) For last one year working as consultant to Telecom companies on strategic, project management and operation management level.

The focus areas are:

  • Manufactures of Telecom products for promotion, improvement and turnkey solution to operators.

  • Project Management of Telecom Networks

  • Operational Efficiency improvement by network audit, process improvement and field level implementation

  • Business development

  • Training Development

We have teamed up with regional execution and operation companies in Telecom.

  • (Jul. 2007 – Jul 2009) For 2 years I worked with Airtel, created and headed new organisation (Transport Network Group) to achieve much higher KPIs on network. The network was almost doubled in 2 years (100000 Km fibre network), enhanced network sharing among operators to reduce capex upto 30% and faster to market, improved operational efficiency of network with opex reduction upto 16%.

  • (May. 2006 – Jul 2007) For 1 year I worked to create a new telecom company with state of art technology (wireless broadband technology) as CTO.

  • (Nov. 2003 – May 2006) I headed the VSNL NLD for two and half years - planned, created & maintained the network for TTSL, TTML and VSNL for national, metro and cities. The strategic decisions like IRU deal with Airtel (first Co-opetition among operators) created history of Win-Win. Tata group could save hundreds of Crores and reduced time to market. This also resulted in faster revenue growth in NLD.

Prospective Consultancy Areas

  • The Telecom network business as per my experience which covers strategic decisions on business analysis, competitive environment understanding & analysis, regulatory aspects, design & Planning, carrier & corporate business, Cost optimization, Partnerships, Vendor relationships, Technology Applications, Team building, Training, project management, operations etc. will add value to consultancy services.

  • My experience is in technical as well as in business. I am confident to take up the responsibility of consultancy overall Telecom Business.

Experience in Government Service

  • In Government, I have served approx 24 years in various capacities and took retirement at GM level from MTNL in 2003. Worked in Projects, Planning, Operations, Training and Business Development in Satellite Communication (India and KSA), Optical Network and local network.

Positions held during job

S. No. Designation, Organization and Place of Posting From To
a) Sr VP Transport Network group, Airtel, Delhi July’07 July’09
b) CTO, Vavasi Telegence Pvt Ltd. / NGTL, Delhi May’06 July’07
c) Head (NLD) / Head(OSP) VSNL, Mumbai Nov’03 May ‘06
d) G.M. (Trans. /Long Distance), MTNL, Delhi. March’01 Oct’03
e) G.M. (Development), BSNL, Indore Jan’98 March’01
f) DGM (Coml. & PR), MTNL, Delhi April’96 Jan.’98
g) Area Director, (Telecom), Assam circle, Guwahati. Jan.’95 March’96
h) Deputation to TCIL as Satellite Training expert in Riyadh. KSA. & in TCIL HQ at Delhi. Jan.’92 Jan.’95
i) Director (Course Development, Transmission),ALTTC, Ghaziabad. Dec.’90 Jan.’92
j) DE (Transmission Courses), ALTTC,Ghaziabad. March’89 Dec.’90
k) ADG (Satellite) DOT Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. May’85 March’89
l) DET Satellite Mtce DOT, Shillong. Nov.’83 April’85
m) ADE Satellite Proj & Mtce., DOT Shillong. Jan.‘82 Nov.‘83
n) ADE (Probationer) – training DOT Jan.‘80 Jan.‘82
o) ACE (ETTDC) – telecom systems exports & imports, Delhi Sept.‘78 Oct.‘79
p) GET (ETTDC), Delhi Sept.’77 Sept.’78

Key Responsibilities & Major Achievements

  • Joined Bharti Airtel group to head All India fibre based national Network (2007- July 09). The Fibre based network was doubled. In a year investment of $ 300 million was made. The total assets handled were of the order of $ 1.3 billion.

  • During 2006-2007 was involved in a challenging task of creation of Telecom Group from scratch for state of art Wireless Broad band technology.

  • I joined TATA Group (2003-2006) to set up fibre based National Long Distance (NLD) network. The strategic alliances were done for NLD that resulted in Return on investment in less than 18 months. In addition to this, additional assignment was given to create Metro Ethernet Network in India. All these works were done in record time at low cost. I was part of Core Management Group there with complete ownership of network.

  • MTNL Delhi (2001-2003): Competition was going to start, especially in corporate world. The main issues were - the perception of corporate world about MTNL - the new leased circuits normally take years to get connected and if it goes faulty, nobody knows how much time it will take to repair. The MTTR of cable fault was 12 hours.

  • The network was created on rings. The failures were reduced. MTTR came down to 3 hours. The network created in approx. 2 years was more than what was created in 10 years. More than 450 fibre based nodes were created during this period with an objective to reduce copper length. Most of the corporate were connected on fibre to change the perception of quality of service. The new circuits were normally given within 3 weeks and fault clearance was normally ensured in 24 Hours. The revenue from leased circuits went up (3 times new bookings), even though competition was setting in.

  • During Indore Tenure (1998-2001) competition in Telecom began. Being in government, with no flexibility (as bound by rules) was a challenge to compete. Creation of strong fibre based Network (Indore Exchanges on ring) to ensure better service quality than competitor’s, Team building by bringing attitudinal changes, Introduction of Marketing concepts, Capex & Opex reduction, enhancing revenue of rural area by improving services etc. were some of the important steps. The results were very encouraging. Even though competitor was offering heavy discounts, still the important customers continued. Revenue growth continued.

  • During MTNL Tenure (1996-1997) I was in-charge of Public Relations, New Services launch, Corporate Customer services etc. New services like WLL, Video Conferencing and IN were launched. In Telecom Exhibition, best display award was won for the first time by MTNL. Revenue in leased lines enhanced and long pending outstanding payments were settled.

  • During 1995-1996 as overall in-charge of Telecom network of Lower Assam, within short span of 9 months, the Network was created to meet the expectations of people of Assam and phone was made available on demand way back in 1995 when rest of the country had long waiting list. Revenue enhancement was tremendous and operation cost was brought down. There was a complete turnaround.

  • During training tenure (1989-1994) in India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could bring the paradigm shift in the field of training.


B.E. (E & C) IIT Roorkee, 1977 and M.B.A. from IMT Ghaziabad, 1989

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