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KTMT is also a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI) of
Cyber Security, Family Security and Intelligent and Smart Home Security solutions

"Vision - Help the world become knowledgeable, healthy and safe through Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)".   "Danze-a-holla Workshop for Children and Adults".  "@MPVNO, NTOC, JEC and JNS are registered trade marks of KTMT Consulting".


Honorable minister of ICT Mr. Kapil Sibal frees 10 MHz of spectrum in 1880-1910 band for cordless communications
KTMT's strong recommendations to de-license 30 MHz of spectrum in 1880-1910 bands to enable the EWS get mobile internet in their hands @ 30/- per month stand vindicated when the honorable minister of MICT Mr. Kapil Sibal freed 10 MHz out of 30 MHz for cordless communications. KTMT believes that entire 30 MHz spectrum should be freed and de-licensed for 60 % EWS to get 64 kbps mobile internet in their hands just like when Japan gave to its farmers 9.6 kbps in their hands in 1999 through iMode and they started selling their rice bypassing the middleman. India can do much better for 700 million EWS people.

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