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Convergence of Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Networks can Hugely Benefit EWS and Make Broadband Penetration Truly Inclusive in India
KTMT has been vociferously bringing this out in virtually every seminar, conf, workshop, forum since Mar 2010 that Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) networks must become converged, digital, next generation and ubiquitous, including the world's largest CATV digitization exercise currently on-going in the country, to pave the way for seamless carriage of all types of media types of voice, text, data, audio, video, TV, music, songs, films, maps, graphics, images etc delivered as uni-cast, multicast and broadcast, both fixed and mobile. Such networks will drastically reduce the Total Cost of Generation and Delivery of Services (TCGDS) paving the way for making all these services affordable even by the EWS.

KTMT is committed to follow it up relentlessly until the complete structural separation of carriage from content is delivered to the nation by the government.

Government working on new Convergence Bill
Economic Times

…RTB has been included in NTP 2012.

The Telecom Ministry is working on a new Convergence bill for setting up a framework to govern transmission of telecom and broadcasting services on a common network and has sought the involvement of I&B Ministry. Talking about technology evolution where telecom, Internet and video services can be accessed through common devices, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal says "it is now imperative to move towards convergence in the regulation of carriage networks in the telecom, broadcasting and IT services to enhance affordability."

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