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Draft NTP 2011 is a vindication of contribution of KTMT

KTMT has been contributing towards different telecom issues of national importance since Jan 2010 by active participation in various national conferences, consultations and seminars. Some of the objectives which KTMT has been high lighting regularly in various forums and these find their rightful place in some form or the other in the Draft NTP 2011 are :-

(a)  Establish a National Broadband Corporation of India (NBCI) on PPP mode to ensure that OFC infrastructure is made available to all service providers on reasonable lease rates and on non-discriminatory basis.

(b)  Make telecom as an essential infrastructure like electricity, water and sewerage.

(c)  Make Right To Broadband (RTB) as a fundamental right.

(d)  Actively support the implementation of National E Governance Plan (NEGP) for corruption free GDP growth by providing voice, text, data, images, graphics, map, video and band width services available on demand to all the public and private agencies responsible for national e governance.

(e)  Establish open access ecosystem built around FTTP and FTTB and make it available to all service providers through interconnection on non discriminatory basis.

(f)  Address Right Of Way (ROW) issues holistically across all state agencies for smooth roll out of telecom infrastructure.

(g)  Make Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) service available so that all wireless calls made from mobile phones while in static mode in side the offices, homes, buildings etc are routed through femto cells and not through macro cells thereby saving costs, optimizing utilization of spectrum, relieving congestion in radio networks, minimizing hazardous radiations to reduce the global warming and carbon footprint.

(h)  Make at least 500 MHz of extra spectrum available by 2016 through re-farming, rationalizing, re-banding, digitization of TV and white spaces.

(i)  Put in place a structure to resolve issues between carriers and VAS service providers for smooth take off of GDP growth driving services like Virtual Class Room (VCR), Virtual Health Care (VCR), e-agribusiness, personal safety and security etc.

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