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Report on IETE, Noida Seminar held on 22 May 2011 at Noida
 Report on IETE, Noida Seminar held on 22 May 2011 at Noida  

A seminar on Emerging Telecommunication Technologies was held on 22 May at IETE NOIDA. Shri RK Gupta, President IETE was the chief guest. Lt Gen Ashok Agarwal PVSM (Retd) immediate past President IETE, council members and other prominent invited persons graced this occasion. Corporate members and students from NOIDA too came in strength.

The subject of Emerging Telecommunication Technologies was sub divided into three inter related topics to cover the complete gambit about what is happening in the telecommunication. The speakers are the current experts in their respective fields who put across their view points in a down to earth manner. They spoke on the topics as under:-

“Open Access Eco System Built Around FTTP” by Mahesh Khera, KTMT Consulting. With ubiquitous IP and VLANs, technologies are now available to build open access networks so that the customers can select their preferred service providers for high speed telecom services. This breaks the monopoly of service provider who manages to get access to premise first and willy nilly poses entry barriers for other new operators wanting to offer their services to customers in same premises. In addition, the customer now has the choice to subscribe to any telecom service being offered by any service provider as access network is open to all operators who are allowed interconnection on non discriminatory basis through the regulatory mechanism .

“LTE in Mature Markets and Its Impact on India” by Eklavya NSN. 3G has taken off in the developed markets but is quickly being over taken by 4G through the most popular LTE due to its cost, capacity and speed factors. How is LTE scenario going to impact Indian 3G roll out needs to be carefully understood by the carriers who have invested a lot in 3G spectrum

“OFC Infrastructure is a must for NGN and FMC in India to Handle Huge Traffic from Smart Phones” by Arvind Kansal, Senior Telecom Consultant. It is visualized that smart phones would become quite affordable and their population is going to increase exponentially by 2015. These are going to generate a huge traffic which must be sent to the core network over super capacity super speed networks. These must be built over OFC infrastructure. Moreover, there is a likelihood of India falling short of spectrum as the usage mounts. Thus, FMC through femto and atto cells sitting over super speed broadband networks can mitigate the spectrum problems to a very large extent when the subs are not on the move. All this necessitates country wide build up of super speed networks based on OFC.

Col Mahesh Khera Chairman TPC IETE Noida was the moderator. At the end of the last speakers talk, all the three speakers were on the dais to take on the questions from the audience. This discussion turned on very lively and as usual had to be curtailed and audience was requested to clarify their doubts during the lunch. 7. Shri RK Gupta in his address commended the subject chosen and the inter related manner in which all the speakers developed the main theme of the mini seminar. He complemented the organisers and speakers of the mini seminar. He also prodded IETE NOIDA Centre to organise similar mini seminar on Cyber Security at another appropriate date.

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