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With rapid decline in mobile ARPU, the next wave is a home multi play business waiting to facilitate the e-delivery of services like health, education, governance, entertainment etc

Countries need health, education, governance, entertainment services etc for their millions of people, particularly in semi urban and rural areas. Thus, to meet this never ending demand, there is a need for creating a self expanding framework of multi play infrastructure through which these essential services can be e-delivered to end users wherever they require in the language of their own choosing. To achieve the above, a telco/MSO can assume a pivotal role of creating a robust central network, back end and distribution infrastructure around which the origination, carriage and termination of these services can be realized by the adoption of B2B2C business model created on partnerships basis duly governed by legal agreements and fully supported by simple and minimum Govt regulations. The telco/MSO thus creates its own brand of multi play service and promotes the same to the target market segments largely dominated by the home segment.


Some additional services which would be offered are voice, broad band internet, TV, VoD, PVR, music, photos, games, contests, lottery and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). Even though the list of the services is beyond imagination, the infrastructure and business model are such that any service which has a demand can be e-delivered.

The foundation for B2C part of the model is laid by adopting the policy of franchising the distribution of multi play signals to thousands of Last Mile Operators (LMOs) to deliver the same to end customers on their termination network. These LMOs who serve limited number of homes, may be around 1000-1200 homes per LMO, have different delivery media like OFC, HFC, copper, fixed and mobile wireless, VSATs, water, power, sewage and gas lines. Therefore, the pivotal telco/MSO ensures that the infrastructure is technology agnostic. This makes the whole concept and the model of multi play service free from obsolescence.

The B2B2C model is truly optimized both for capex and opex. All the stake holders involved fulfill their obligations incurring only the required expenses and collect their fair share of the revenue, no more and no less, governed by the agreements and regulations. This ensures that the service delivery to the customers is the cheapest. Since the above infrastructure and business model are based upon justly ordered principles and would never become obsolete therefore depending upon the demand for e-delivery of any new service, the same can be launched in the market very quickly in minimum time to market.