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Structural Separation is Good for Speedy Roll Out of Broad Band Services

Countries where last mile has come up in the form of copper and HFC as part of some vanilla services offering like voice and TV, it makes sense for operators to prepare robust back end for home multi play and piggy ride on last mile infrastructure already in place. Countries where infrastructure providers are already positioned to offer ducts and cables as back bone, the operator can simply piggy ride on this carriage leg. Thus, model like B2B2B2C will work wonders in quick roll out of NGN based home multi play. For example, it would be B2B between operator and back bone provider, B2B between back bone provider and last mile provider and B2C between last mile provider and customer.


The above arrangements duly supported by simple interconnect and revenue sharing regulations would be huge catalyst for countries like India, China, Indonesia, Philipines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc who have seen massive HFC going to homes and being utilized for TV alone.

Technological developments supported by regulations can help these countries achieve biggest broad band and NGN connectivity to homes shortest time and at least cost.

This opens up very good competition between telcos and MSOs and the real beneficiary would be the customer.

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