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Network and Tower Operations Center (NTOC) - An Optimizer for Network Opex
 Network and Tower Operations Center (NTOC) Imperatives

BTS Opex Heads 

The main BTS monthly opex heads are :-

Rent 14.49%
Rates and taxes 0.24%
Housekeeping 0.48%
Diesel filling 0.60%
Security like DCDB ad hoc jobs 1.20%
Misc maintenance works like DCDB ad hoc jobs 0.60%
Power and fuel 57.97%
AMC active 12.0%
AMC passive 6.76%
Manpower 5.59%
Total 100%

Candidates for Saving due to NTOC   and manpower totalling up to 24.42 % of monthly opex are obvious heads where there is a great possibility of saving in the manpower deployed for field operations.With multi tasking of manpower for service excluding accessories and spares, a saving of about 6.0 % of BTS monthly opex is possible.  

NTOC combines the NOC operations of active (network) and passive (wireless OSP). The synergy is achieved in space, power, aircon, OSS and OSP management servers and clients, manpower and facilities. With multi skilling of manpower, on an average it is assumed that  30 % monthly opex on NOC and TOC operations can be saved.   

Telcos. Streamlining of NOC and TOC operations results in increased up time of infrastructure which allows the telcos to acquire new customers as also offer higher SLAs to top corp and enterprise customers resulting in higher revenue and enhanced profitability.

Towercos. NTOC presents an opportunity for towercos to bid for additional business from managed services strategic partners by getting a share of level 1 and level 2 NOC and field network operations.

Vendors as Managed Services Strategic Partners. Off loading level 1 and level 2 services to towercos gives them opportunity to employ their skilled manpower more productively thereby enhancing revenue per employee.

NTOC Realization 

In order to achieve the above both OSS and IDD  function together. OSS brings its management level strength for A to Z of active infrastructure and  IDD  chips in with its device level strength of A to Z of passive infrastructure. Both OSS and IDD have open standards and interfaces which enable quick realization of NTOC. In active elements, NTOC does not restrict itself to BTS alone. It covers the entire network active infrastructure.

The realization of NTOC is achieved through a balanced combination of IDD and OSS. This combination just creates a track of required length, a base level platform, an engine with just enough capacity to carry the load of wagons. When there is a requirement to add additional monitoring parameters as load of wagons (extra alarms and new capacity), the track is lengthened (IDD does that) and engine capacity is enhanced (both IDD and OSS do that). This realization results in incurring additional costs only when there is a need. Thus the telcos, towercos and vendors pay for only what they use.   

The optimization in tools, space, power, aircon and manpower would result into saving of 7 % to 10 % in monthly recurring expenditure on running the operations. 

This potent and versatile combination of IDD and OSS can serve the need for all present and futuristic telecom technical operations without changing any component. Therefore, in a hay stack of knowing today as to what would be required tomorrow, NTOC serves the need to address this uncertainty in a most cost effective manner.

NTOC Opens Avenue for New Businesses Network O&M Management

The tower company having established NTOC is in a position to utilize its platform for new businesses network O&M management. For example for Broad Band Wireless Access, two way interactive IP on-demand GDP growth driving applications like e-education, e-health care etc,  multi play, FMC and so on, the intrinsic network O&M is easily managed through NTOC. The network field service for new businesses just becomes an extension of its portfolio due to equipment being housed in same shelters.   

NTOC has a very versatile component of OSS. This functionality of NTOC platform enables management of creation, deployment and roll out of passive infrastructure.  

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