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KTMT Recommendation on National Broad Band Corporation (NBBC) is Vindicated
 KTMT Recommendation on National Broad Band Corporation (NBBC) is Vindicated  

DoT has decided to seek cabinet approval for National Braodband Policy as reported by ET  on 31 Mar 2011. A key recommendation of TRAI in its National Broadband Plan (NBP) submitted to DoT in Dec 2010 suggests creation of National Optical Fiber Agency (NOFA) and State Optical Fiber Agencies (SOFAs) so that a time bound plan realizes a country wide ultra high capacity optical network infrastructure comprising of national and state back bones which is leased by all operators equally. >
KTMT first suggested the creation of a National Broad Band Corporation (NBBC) on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis to realize and operate a national ultra high capacity fiber optic infrastructure which can be leased by all carriers on a non discriminatory basis in accordance with a national policy formulated by TRAI on competitively priced tarrifs. Such a move would ensure that operators do not disrupt the broadband penetration plan at infrastructure level but fight at applications and services level for enhanced customer experience.

KTMT was the first to write to IETE in Jan 2010, Secretary Planning Commission in Feb 2010 and Chairman TRAI in May 2010 articulating the need for establishing NBBC on the above lines. TRAI incorporated this recommendation modified as NOFA and SOFAs in its NBP submitted to DoT on 08 Dec 2010.

National broadband infrastructure being capital intensive, requiring government clearances, Right Of Way (ROW) etc, KTMT re-iterates that PPP based NOFA and SOFAs akin to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) managed by professionally organized boards is much better structure than having only government controlled managing structure. 

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