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05 Oct 2013,
New Delhi,

Dear Aradhan,

I would like to give thanks to all the members those who are directly or indirectly associated with your organization and will appreciate for taking such a nice step to educate the student on web.

I have already used webex number of times in my professional life but this classroom session was something different although I attended it for a very short while due to my personal problem.I would like to give special thanks to Mr.Khera for sharing his knowledge and taking such a nice class on web.

As discussed, I would like to be a part of your association and keen to join e-classroom for following subjects as mentioned below :-

1. Engineering Mathematics
2. Data structure
3. C language

Please send me the best fees structure which should suit me and can be affordable for me to join the e-classroom. Looking forward for your response.



03 Aug 2013, 10 am
Tilak Nagar, New Delhi,

Dear All,

Today I want to share my experience that I have attended an online class from 8 am to 9 am, on My Saraswati which was conducted by Col. Mahesh Khera. He sent me an invite through Email to attend the class which I accepted and we started with a very healthy conversation; him as a teacher of the class and I as the student.

This virtually created classroom gives me a view of my teacher i.e. Mr. Khera and space available to display the study content. It was an hour session in which I got to know about :-

1. Operating System Concepts
2. C and Data Structures
3. Pythagoras Theorem

The way of interaction was so live that it is like I was studying in my tuition class. You just require an internet connection, Laptop/PC with Webcam/Tablet/Smartphone with front camera.

The session was also recorded by Mr Mahesh Khera and it is available for reference any time.

I think this is a very innovative way of teaching in which we can study without the hindrance or barrier of time and place. Person can watch the recorded session if he/she misses the class and can easily communicate his/her doubts in next class or send an email regarding the same.

I have viewed this whole session through my Projector and invited my father to also come and experience the virtual live class room teaching. He said that he is reminded of his 11th standard days where he learned Pythagoras Theorem. We were two of us attending the class but it can very well be a class of 30-40 students. I, therefore, recommend to Mr Mahesh Khera to also focus on providing this system to people running tuition centers or home tutors.

I really enjoyed having this class @ home and hope this system will change the way of teaching.


SAP Consultant