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KTMT is also a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI) of
Cyber Security, Family Security and Intelligent and Smart Home Security solutions

"Vision - Help the world become knowledgeable, healthy and safe through Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)".   "Danze-a-holla Workshop for Children and Adults".  "@MPVNO, NTOC, JEC and JNS are registered trade marks of KTMT Consulting".


Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)
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1 National Family Locator and People Monitoring (NFLPM) as Government To Citizens (G2C) Service Mahesh Khera E-mail
2 Digital Marketing Mahesh Khera E-mail
3 Digital Parenting Mahesh Khera E-mail
4 Education as a Service (EaaS) on cloud any time any where for live class room teaching. Mahesh Khera E-mail
5 Optimization of Design and Architecture of Next Generation TV Network Mahesh Khera E-mail
6 Go To Market (GTM) Strategies for Successful Introduction of New Age MVAS Service for Family Safety and Security Mahesh Khera E-mail
7 Strategies for Maximization of Revenue Market Share of New Age MVAS Service of Family Locator Mahesh Khera E-mail
8 Optimization of Design and Architecture of National Family Locator and People Monitoring (NFLPM) Mahesh Khera E-mail
9 Optimization of Design and Architecture of Education Delivery System for India Mahesh Khera E-mail
10 Design an On-line Outsourced System for Delivery of Education to US Universities Mahesh Khera E-mail
11 Design an On-line Healthcare Delivery System for Hospitals Mahesh Khera E-mail
12 Design an On-line Outsourced System for Delivery of Healthcare to US Hospitals Mahesh Khera E-mail
13 Optimization of Operations Cost of Mobile Infrastructure through Common Network and Tower Operations Center (NTOC) Mahesh Khera E-mail
14 Developing Rural India 2020 : Challenges and Opportunities in Broadband Infrastructure for Apps and Services including G2C Services Mahesh Khera E-mail
15 Operational Strategies for Energy Conservation of a Cell Site Mahesh Khera E-mail
16 Online HR System Shankar Jaiswal E-mail
17 Recruitment Process System Shankar Jaiswal E-mail
18 Online Campaign System Shankar Jaiswal E-mail
19 Employee Management System Shankar Jaiswal E-mail
20 Online feedback Analysis System Shankar Jaiswal E-mail
21 Online Advertising System Shankar Jaiswal E-mail
22 Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring inside Buildings Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
23 Classifying News for Topic and Sentiment Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
24 Charging Cell Phones Wirelessly Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
25 Nanotechnologies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
26 Call Admission Policy in Cellular Mobile Networks Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
27 Predicting Enterprise Customer Metrics Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
28 Identify a Car's Driver from Driving Behavior Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
29 Wireless Sensor Networks for Agriculture Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
30 Application of Sensors for Un-manned Railway Crossings Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail
31 Machine Learning for Android Malware Classification Prof Navin Srivastava E-mail