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National DINCU Network (NDN) for 10 % GDP Growth and 90 % Removal of Corruption in India in 60 Months

1. Majority of ordinary citizens of the country would support that government which delivers 10 % GDP and rids corruption by 90 % in its rule of 60 months. Their strong, deep and powerful conviction stems from what the 40 nations in the developed world has successfully demonstrated in the last decade since 2000 and are continuing to do so. The only difference is that they can not achieve 10 % GDP growth as they are already saturated but in the excellence of governance or the removal of corruption, they are already 90-95 % there.

2. People of India would want the government to seriously address the problems of economic growth, unemployment, corruption and crime just like what the developed world has achieved. For the new government to emulate the developed world, the high level steps are as follows :-

(a) Start realizing a National Digital IP Nextgen Converged Ubiquitous (DINCU) Network given an acronym as NDN for National DINCU Network from day one.

(b) Every 12 months, NDN adds 1 % to GDP and 10 % to excellence in governance which starts reducing corruption.

(c) By the time, we reach 60 months, we have added 5 % to GDP and 50 % to governance and in 60 months, the new government would have realized what the people wanted from them.

3. The nation has never even thought of a NDN which Broadband India Forum (BIF) has been dreaming every day since 29 Nov 2012 and has been working hard to tie up the loose ends by removing all infirmities with which India has lived so far in the Ministry of ICT and Ministry of I&B. Our efforts have been to propose measures to basically harmonize the two key industries of telecom companies of telcos/cellcos and cable companies of MSOs and LCOs.

4. If some states have been able to give power 24/7 to every home, NDN alone has the potential to give a base level true broadband service to 630 million people in India in 60 months over which a multitude of essential GDP growth driving services like education, healthcare, transportation, agricultural, financial and so on and almost all essential excellent governance driving Government To Citizen (G2C) services would ride at a pittance of a cost generating huge employment and acting as a deadly deterrent against corruption and crime. Kindly note that the EU Commissioner has just declared that every home in the EU is connected with broadband service of at least 2 mbps. NDN surpasses 2 mbps in speed.

5. With partnerships between telcos/cellcos and cablecos, smaller segments of NDN start providing the commercial service from day one and continue unabated until it becomes a full fledged NDN run by the industries themselves without any government intervention in an auto mode. NOFN then actually starts supporting the emergence of NDN very quickly and saves precious money to the nation. India becomes No 1 or No 2 economy and a top 10 least corrupt country in 15 years.

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