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Location as a Service (LaaS) Powers Family Safety and Security

If a family subscribes to a "Family Safety and Security Service", the parents heave a sigh of relief when on their mobile phones they know the real time, accurate and safe location of their children, working daughters and elders when ever they are away from home. If a BPO working woman is late in returning home from her night shift, her father at a press of a key on the mobile phone can get a real time accurate location map of her route. God forbid, if she is not on the expected route, he gets an auto alert on his mobile phone. After sensing that she might be in trouble, he can make a call to 100 and at a press of a key send the real time location map inputs of her route from his mobile phone to the National Mobile Monitoring Center (NMMC) established by the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) at Police Phone 100.

LaaS Empowers Police

NMMC alerts the nearest police post in-charge with the real time location map inputs who in turn sends the live location map inputs of the girl in distress to the mobile phone of the leader of the nearest available mobile police patrol party. Immediately, a mobile police patrol party led by its leader moves to the general area shown in the location map. As in less than 10 minutes time police has reached the area, there are very good chances that a possible untoward mishap is prevented before happening. Likewise, a miscreant could also be nabbed by the police as they would get an accurate real time location map of the route which he is currently taking.

The key is that the LEAs themselves can do everything from their NMMC as explained above. This is very inexpensive and helpful as there is no procedural and time delay from the time a request is raised to the operator and the location map is returned as a response to the police. LEAs are enabled by the carriers to shoulder this vital responsibility of providing safety and security to citizens themselves.


In view of an unprecedented increase in crime against children, women and elders even in smaller cities where police is not well equipped to rescue the people in distress, using LaaS, carriers can launch this very vital subscription based "Family Safety and Security" service enabled by the LaaS platform, smart phones technology and carrier networks to give a great tool in the hands of the parents and LEAs to reach the destination fastest for the rescue of the victims.

Even US does not have such a service at 911. India can take the lead in this by launching this service which is really going beyond business and economy and is a very essential step towards the opening up of filing of instant phone police FIR within the ambit of police reforms implemented through the national e governance plan.

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