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Managed Education Services (MES) - A Low Cost High Quality Education Delivery Model from My Saraswati


After the successful launch of on-line live class room teaching for individual students, My Saraswati has now launched Managed Education Services (MES) for Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Universities.

Managed Education Services (MES)

For the first time in the world, My Saraswati has successfully pioneered this new concept of low cost high quality education delivery model through Managed Education Services (MES). Institutions which teach any subject or curriculum, My Saraswati provides digital on-line live class room teaching from reputed faculty/teacher. Students in their class room study the subject while faculty/teacher teaches from remote.

MES Method

A 20'*20' My Saraswati class room is set up by the institution through a 44" HD TV/projector, lap top, Internet of 8 mbps, ultra- sensitive web cam-cum-mic like Logitech c930e, speakers like Sony and a physical white board and markers. The faculty/teacher teaches from his/her remote location, students attend this live class in My Saraswati class room, ask Qs, faculty/teacher answers the Qs, faculty/teacher gives assignments, which students do in the class in their note books. Some selected student(s) is/are invited to the white board to solve the assignment, faculty/teacher corrects the same if needed there and then. Though available but there is no chat and no e-mail used at that time and always real time live two way interaction until the assignment is solved. The whole class is live just like a normal class.

Students Never Miss a Class

Students never miss a class as they can attend the same anywhere on smart phone, tablet or lap top even while on the move. When they reach the class, they seamlessly switch over to the big screen.

Live Recording

Each class content is kept recorded and uploaded on our web site which students when authorized by the institution can view any time to revise their class lessons. Though desirable and very helpful, there is no need of taking elaborate physical notes by students every time.

Remedial Teaching

A very large number of institutions have shown interest in providing "Remedial Classes" also to students who are unable to take classes regularly and miss quite a lot due to some reasons or the other or they need extra guidance. These students do not have to come to institution for remedial classes and likewise the faculty/teacher too does not have to come to the institution/school to give remedial classes. This becomes difficult as no one wants to stay back after the institution/school hours. My Saraswati "Remedial Classes" are thus conducted from home by the faculty/teacher and students also attend from home say from 6 pm to 8 pm or so.

Successful Pilot Done

After the successful pilot for M Tech students of College of Engineering, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University (BVU), Pune, My Saraswati is starting regular digital online live class room teaching for them. A sample recorded version of live video class for M Tech students can be played out at the link http://www.ktmt.in/video/video_gallery.aspx

MES is Low Cost High Quality Education Delivery

MES is a low cost high quality education delivery model any time anywhere using state-of-the-art Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) for institutions/schools which do not have readily available quality faculty/teachers or are in the process of hiring full time teacher but still want to provide education in those subjects without compromising the quality of teaching. My Saraswati brings high quality faculty from among the best in the subjects. For details about My Saraswati, please visit us at https://mysaraswati.webex.com and click on My Saraswati slogan.

Increase in Admissions

A very positive feedback has been received from institutions about MES as highly effective, low cost and yet delivering better quality education model which has added advantage that all the digital content is available for access by students any time anywhere as authorized by the institution/school. This is a new method which can attract more parents to allow their children to seek admission to the institution/school.

Free Live Trial Class

It is recommended to do a free trial and take a call in the best interest of the students. A free one hour trial live class room teaching is conducted for Maths, Science, Bio, Business Studies, QA, SM, OB, VLSI, wireless technologies, Digital IP Nextgen, Converged Ubiquitous (DINCU) Open Access Network (OAN) built around FTTX or any subject from expert faculty in India and abroad which can be attended by the students and their coordinator to get an experience of digital live online class room teaching.

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