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National Security and Public Safety - Modernization of 100 Police Service for Safe India
Emerging Police Service Scenario

This heinous crime of a gang rape of a 23 year old girl by 6 goons, beating her and her friend and stripping them and throwing them off the moving bus on 16 Dec 2012 in posh South Delhi area has shaken the soul of India. The entire political class is as usual wasting time in frivolous discussion rather than thinking of a vision for the national security and public safety. While, Sonia Gandhi, PM, HM and LEAs must do whatever needs to be done to ensure speedy justice to the hapless girl, it is high time that National Family Locator and People Monitoring (NFLPM) duly integrated with modernization of 100 police service to bring a sea change in the archaic 100 service is implemented on war footing. 1.2 bn people and dismal LEAs set up, impossible to provide satisfactory police service even after doubling the police stations, Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) can resurrect this and instead of looking down helplessly, the police can do their duty with chest up.

The NFLPM and Personal Family Locator (PFL) integrated with 100 has the power to dispatch multiple Police Control Room (PCR) vans coming from different directions and honking 50 to 200 meters of the location of the crime within 15 to 20 minutes of the alert coming without even making a call by the victim or pressing any button by him/her on the mobile which can prevent 70 % of the crime and nip the 20 % during the act and follow up the remaining 10 % with arrest in 24 hours. India needs such a service, the fastest and the most in the world as it is a huge country with low level of education, dismal LEAs set up, over burdened judiciary, ill-equipped investigating agencies, huge shameful graft in government services etc, common people need nimble footed LEAs well equipped to give them a sense of safety and also hopes of speedy justice in case of unfortunate crimes.

BSNL can play the most crucial role and change the 100 police service for ever in the country giving it hawk eyes to pounce on the criminals and help deliver justice to victims in reasonable time only to act such a huge deterrent that most criminals will leave crime.

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