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TRAI Recommendations to Government of India on Allocation of Spectrum Resources for Residential and Enterprise Intra-telecommunication Requirements/ Cordless Telecommunication Systems (CTS)

On 19th February 2010, TRAI issued a “Request for Comments” on its website for seeking the comments of various stakeholders on the issue of allocations of Spectrum for Cordless Technologies to meet the Residential and Enterprise Intra&Telecommunication Requirements.

Based on the comments received and the International practices in various countries in respect of cordless residential & enterprise solution, consultation paper on “Allocation of Spectrum Resources for Residential and Enterprise Intra&telecommunication Requirements/ cordless telecommunications system (CTS)” was issued on 26th December 2011. The paper discussed the current allocation of spectrum for CTS, requirement for allocation of additional spectrum, possibility of de&licensing of 1880&1900 MHz or 1910&1920 MHz band for low power CTS applications and the coexistence issues with adjacent GSM band. In response to the consultation paper forty two Comments and two counter&comments were received from the stakeholders. These have been posted on TRAI’s web site www.trai.gov.in. An open House Discussion was conducted on 10th July 2012. Based on the comments of the stakeholders, examination of the various issues involved and the international practices, the Authority has finalised its recommendations, which are contained in this attached pdf. Please click here to view.

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