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Open Access Ecosystem Built Around FTTP for Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB)
Multi Play to Drive Next Wave of  Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Growth

Your Daily Scenario

Broadband Internet:

(a)  Are you fed up of your Internet speed ?
(b)  Does your Internet connection behave in an erratic manner ?
(c)   Do you feel comfortable when you access your business, work, social or entertainment video ?
(d)   Do you, your wife or your children want to take up  courses, education or tuition from  the best and affordable school, college, university or institution from the comforts of your home ?
(e)   Do you want best and affordable multi specialty hospital health care services of diagnosis, consultation and prescription from the comforts of your home ?
(f)   Does the country want to offer farmers friendly agri consultation, advice and solutions on failed crops and low yield using vernacular video as the medium of communication ?
(g)   Do we the people of India want corrpution free GDP growth through National E Governance on similar lines of developed nations ?  
(h)   Are your Internet bills running too high     ?


(a)   Do you have to run out of your house some time to attend your mobile calls ?
(b)   Do you face many call drops ?
(c)   Is the network Quality of Service (QoS) giving you nightmarish user experience like low or garbled speech some times ? 


Does your DTH service go blank in rains, thunder storms or lightning ?

Service Provider

Fed up of your present service provider and want to change but can not as neither other service providers have laid any networks in your area nor there is an  open access on your network ?

Nature Loving

Are you eco friendly and want to contribute in the preservation of environment, prevention of excessive radiation health hazards, reducing carbon foot print and saving the precious energy consumed lavishly by the telecom networks 24 hours ?

Great Citizen

Do you want to contribute to the national growth by taking services only from the authorized service providers ?

Your Solution

Open access ecosystem built around FTTP network.

 Present day scenario, how does this work ? 

(a)   Fiber network laid by the service provider covers the city.
(b)   At your lay out, a node is installed to extend phone and Internet connection. Some time very rarely, TV is also extended on the same.
(c)   One or two CATV operators bring their coaxial cables for TV in your lay out but only one operator puts the CATV connection at your home. You can not change your CATV operator as no one else comes due to the tacit understanding between cable operators throughout the country. You are forced to watch either analog TV or a combo of analog and digital TV paying much larger monthly tariff.
(d)   Every premise wanting a DTH connection is expected to put up a dish thereby affecting the decor of the complex.
(e)   Mobile coverage may or may not be available throughout your premise.
(f)    If you want to subscribe to IP TV, it may or may not be available.

What will change with open access FTTP network ?

(a)   Fiber comes right up to your premise.
(b)   At an ingress node in your complex, access for voice, VOIP, Internet, IP TV, DTH TV, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), Ultra Fast Broadband services is provided to all service providers on non discriminatory basis. 

How does this add value to me living in the complex occupying a Dwelling Unit (DU) ?

(a)   Ultra Fast Broadband of choice capable of handling any speeds.
(b)   No congestion as fiber is capable of handling any capacity.
(c)   Fiber gives stability to the connection and increases true broadband penetration in the country giving a multiplier effect on GDP growth.
(d)   Your mobile gets connected to the home wireless gateway taking care of excellent coverage and quality throughout your premise. Also, congestion in your nearest cell tower does not affect your mobile communications.
(e)   You can have IP TV through FTTP. This will avoid any disruption in TV viewing due to adverse weather conditions.
(f)   The greatest advantage is that you would be able to pick and choose your service provider.
(g)   Number of cell towers in the vicibity would be less thereby reducing the radiation hazards.
(h)   CATV operators would be encouraged to do authorised business as all connections are fully accounted for.
(i)   Get the best and affordable education, tuition, health care, farmers friendly, governance and home security services on PC over TV with remote as phone and keyboard along with a camera catapulting the corruption free GDP growth of the country.
(k)   Open access FTTP is the fourth essential infrastructure after water, electricity and sewerage for all residential, commercial and institutional complexes being laid in the developed countries for perpetuity. 

Modus Operandi

(a)   Developers and RWAs play a major role in bringing open access FTTP.
(b)   While developers/RWAs manage the basic essential infrastructure in the complexes, open access FTTP is fast turning out to be a necessity for meeting business, work , social or entertainment needs rather than a luxury for a few.
(c)   Developers/RWAs take IP 1 license and manage their own open access FTTP ecosystem.     
(d)   Developers/RWAs sign their interconnect and open access agreements with service providers on non discriminatory basis on revenue share arrangements.   
(e)   The investments in FTTP are paid out of the revenue share.
(f)   Developers/RWAs may like to build their own FTTP network or have an option of BOOT/BOM models.
(g)   FTTP is fast catching up in 40 developed countries of Americas, EU, Korea, Japan, Australia, China etc. London is going to be 87 % covered by FTTP by 2011.

Open Access Ecosystem Scenario
   Open access operator obligations

(a)   No interruption in service due to open access network.
(b)   No degradation in QoS due to open access network.  
(c)   No customer complaints from infirmities in open access network.
(d)   Build, own and operate open access network.
(e)   Performance manage the open access network.
(f)    Address Verification (AV)/Credit Verification (CV) check.
(g)   Collections from the customers.
(h)   Customer education  and awareness.
(i)   Act as a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for customers issues with service providers. Service providers obligations -% revenue share only.

Return On Investment (ROI) (for 5000 DUsI) for 5000 DUs

(a)    PBDT - INR 25 L
(b)  Cash positive after one full year of operations even for 500 DUs.

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