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DanzzMatazz – A Workshop for Children Personality Development

Dance has been very successfully adopted in the overall children personality development program in schools. Dance movements and actions of the body actually synchronize the complex process of thoughts, feelings, emotions and spirit. This synchronization breaks the barrier and inhibition usually noticed in human beings when called upon to face the audience in opposition. The development of such a synchronized demeanor early in the childhood has the potential of creating awareness that we humans can achieve anything which ultimately makes us our own commanding masters.

DanzzMatazz has been designed as a summer workshop for school students to realize the above vital synchronization and enable them to position the truth in their mind that they are their own commanding masters and therefore the makers of their own destiny. A short presentation is attached for your kind perusal.

This is an 18-20 days workshop meant for students of class VI to class X to be conducted thrice a week for one hour a day. The workshop would culminate with a stage show inviting parents, teachers and friends to witness the learning by the students.

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