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Dancercise - Rejuvenesce through Dance for Corporates

As the world is becoming more and more competitive, office stress is increasingly devastating corporate executives. Due to stress in office, executives have known to hit common printers, desktop monitors, phones, quarreling with colleagues on meaningless points and in most extreme cases even jumping from high floors and taking their own lives.

The root cause of stress is the feeling of weakness that one is unable to shoulder the responsibility due to reasons beyond control and then becoming fearful of the imaginary extreme consequence of being asked to leave the job. An untoward incident in office due to stress has the potential to devastate even the best performers, adversely affecting the company progress.

The most important step in reducing office stress is to have a good understanding of the nature of stress and to learn how to condition oneself to be able to gain some control over it. This can be successfully accomplished through dance and movement therapy as one becomes more aware of the body, thoughts, feelings and emotions that are associated with stress and the physical and physiological aspects of the stress response. Dance as a therapy also is often enjoyable for most people, which is important for longevity purposes and overall wellness.

DanzzMatazz program has been designed to assist the corporate executives to realize a sense of synchronization in their thoughts, feelings, emotions and spirit leading to quick relaxation and bringing in the much needed calmness of mind at that time. Regular attending of DanzzMatazz program by the corporate executives keeps them calm and serene which helps them understand the fact that they and other people are thought evolved beings and that their achievement of the synchronization helps reduce their stressful demeanor. Thrice a week program on Mon, Wed and Fri for an hour can be very helpful to remain calm and thus demonstrate a great degree of self control which multiplies self confidence very quickly and defeats the stress instantly.

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